1 April 2015

A letter to Hamburg

"Use Postal Codes"

The first thing we note is that at the left corner of the letter cover the sender's address is changed, the letter was not sent from Kristianstad in the south of Sweden. Instead Mrs. Björlingsson stamped her own address on the front. Did she reuse the envelope? and what kind of company was ILCO? This is what I think. ILCO is not a company. IL stands for ileum and CO stands for colon and ILCO is the Swedish federation for people that have had Stoma surgery. The federation was founded in Kristianstad in 1965 and by 1973 several local chapters were established. I suspect hat Mrs. Björlingsson was volunteering for the ILCO organisation and needed to correspond with  Medimex a healthcare equipment supplier in Germany.

International letter  - 20 g fee: 1 kr
1968, February 21. 50 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf, type III. Qty: 65,200,000

The letter bound for West Germany got in the hands of the Swedish Post on Wednesday 2 May 1973 at the Post Office Stockholm Ban which was located at the Stockholm Central Station. Two 50 öre Gustaf VI Adolf, type III, stamps were required to cover the postal rate. The all new Gustaf VI Adolf definitive series (that replaced the Gustaf VI Adolf type III) which first stamps were issued in November 1972 had a black-blue 1 kr stamp, but was not used in this case. That series contained only two denominations since the king Gustaf VI Adolf passed away in September 1973 and the series had to be replaced.

Some of the International postal rates effective by July 1972:
Postcard - 20 g - 40 g - 60 g
65 öre [1 kr] 1.50 kr 1.90 kr

The cancellation stamp is marketing the use of postal codes (postnummer), by this time the postal code had been around for as long as five years, but obviously it was still necessary to remind the Swedish people. It is a little bit funny that Mrs. Björlingsson did not bother to use the postal code for the sender's address. It still says Stockholm Ö. The letter "Ö" meant the eastern part of Stockholm. The original printed sender's address uses both the new postal code, 291 02, and the old system at the same time. Maybe after all the postal code marketing campaign had to continue for a while?

The letter went from here . . . 

32 Commander's Street (Kommendörsgatan 32) in Stockholm. (Google)

. . .  to here.

27 - 29 Wandbek's Kings Street (27-29 Wandbeker Königsstrasse) in Hamburg. (Google)

Medimex is still in business: Medimex GmbH | In den Fritzenstücker 9–11 | D-65549 Limburg 

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