27 May 2016


Pretty much ordinary

Here is another domestic parcel address card, but is it not something peculiar, something special with this card? - no, it is a pretty much ordinary parcel address card from the beginning of the seventies. By this time the long running Three Crown series was replaced with newer stamps, often single stamp series. The black 4 kr "Blood Money" Coin 1568 was such a stamp. The complementary denomination stamp series New Numeral was also replaced by individual stamps, as the 25 öre black/yellow-brown The Grödinge Tapestry. The only reminder of past times was the still running Gustaf VI Adolf series, the 55 öre red on the card. The 55 öre red was usually used to cover the rate for domestic letter  - 20 g.

A shoe shop called Shoe Center (Sko-Centrum) seems to return 2 kg of shoes back to the distributor Hefa Inc (Hefa AB). It was on Thursday 12 August 1971 that a representative of the shoe shop entered the doors to the Post Office in Hagfors with the parcel under the arm. The parcel reached its destination Ytterby on the Saturday and it was picked up by Hefa on the following Monday.

Domestic parcel  - 3 kg, fee: 4.80 kr
1971, 22 January. 4 kr black "Blood Money" Coins, 1568. Qty: 33,300,000
1971, 23 April. 25 öre black/yellow-brown The Grödinge tapestry. Qty: 10,300,000
1969, 28 February. 55 öre red Gustaf VI Adolf type III. 269,000,000

The 4 kr black the "Blood Money" Coins stamp is regarded as a single issue. Instead of series with several stamps the Sweish Post started in the beginning of the seventies to issue them one at the time but sometimes with a theme. The 4 kr stamp was one of the higher denomination definitive stamps with a medieval theme, the other ones were the 5 kr blue-green National Seal 1439, the 2.55 kr light blue Seal of King Magnus Ladulås 1285 and the 3 kr green-blue Seal of Duke Erik Magnusson 1306 from 1970, followed by the 4 kr stamp and in 1972 the 6 kr blue-grey Old Swedish Coin. All stamps did good services on parcel cards.

The 25 öre Grödinge tapestry was also of a medieval theme and there were two stamps issued a griffen with a brown-yellow background and the lion with a black background (the stamp above). The  two of them form two versions of se-tenant pairs.

Here is where the Post Office Hagfors 1 used to be.
[Note the Swedish Post vehicle at the left and the present Post logos on the building,  and the yellow mail box.]
(photo: Google maps)

Where are the places:
Hagfords is situated 257 km NW of Stockholm, the distance by road is 377 km.
Ytterby is situated 392 km SW of Stockholm, the distance by road is 492 km.
The distance between Hagfors and Ytterby is 327 km by road.

Read more about the Grödinge tapestry here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gr%C3%B6dinge_tapestry