22 September 2015

Address known

Another parcel card, this time it is a cash on delivery. A whooping 6 kilos of books. It was sent on Tuesday September 16 from the Post Office Stockholm 3 at 31 Svea Road (Sveavägen 31) to Mrs. Magnhild Grahn living somewhere in Karlstad. The sum of the denominations are 3 kr 90 öre. The postal rate for parcel weighing 5 - 7 kg was 3.50 kr in 1958 and the C.O.D. fee was 40 öre when the amount was paid directly to the an account at the Swedish Post called the Postgiro. The Postgiro was the Swedish Post's own money transaction system,

Domestic parcel 5 - 7 kg fee: 3.50 kr + Cash on Delivery fee 40 öre
1954, 10 December, 2 kr 10 öre blue Three Crowns. Qty: 15,600,000
1951, 1 June.  kr 70 öre red Three Crowns. Qty: 56,300,000
1957, 1 June. 10 öre blue New Numeral Type, type II. Qty: 239,000,000

The red 1.70 kr Three Crowns was a workhorse among the three lowest weight classes for domestic parcels from its first appearance in June 1951 to June 1964. Another workhorse was of course the ultramarine-blue 10 öre New Numeral Type, type II. The ultramarine-blue 10 öre was issued in coils and in various slot machine booklets, often as se-tenant pairs, between 1957 and 1966. The 2.10 kr Three Crowns is actually of the same blue nuance as the ultramarine-blue 10 öre. It was also the same blue nuance as the blue 30 öre Gustaf VI Adolf type II, the most common denomination in 1958 since it covered the postal rate for domestic letter first class (- 20 g). The single uses for the blue 2.10 kr Three Crown in 1958 was domestic C.O.D. parcel  1 - 3 kg when the amount was paid directly to the Postgiro or fragile domestic parcel  - 1 kg.

The parcel arrived the next day, a Wednesday, at the Post Office Karlstad 1. However the parcel had to be redirected because Mrs. Grahn had moved. First it went to the Post Office Karlstad 4, where they found out that it has to be redirected to another Post Office, the Karlstad 5. Finally on Monday Mrs.Grahn got the books in her possession. Nowadays there are no Post Offices in Sweden anymore All postal services for the public can now be found in corner stores, gas stations and other kind of convenience stores. The service hours are increased, but it was more fun to visit the old kind of Post Offices.

Here is where the Post Office Karlstad 1 used to be. There is still a sign over the door marked "Post Office". . . 
. . . Karlstad 4 used to be in this building . . .
... and finally Karlstad 5 could be find here.

Where is Karlstad situated:
Karlstad is situated 259 km west of Stockholm.
The distance by road is 314 km between the two places.

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