1966 - Ale's Stones

All new single definitive stamp for parcels - paradigm shift

This was definitely a paradigm shift for Swedish Post issuing policy. A single series definitive stamp for domestic parcels - that had never been seen before. If the old policy would have continued a new Three Crowns with the denomination 3.50 kr would have been issued, or a new definitive series with more than one stamp would have been launched. That did not happen - an era was over!

In April 1966 it was time for a new definitive stamp, the Ale’s Stones. Its main purpose was to cover the rate for domestic parcels, 3 - 5 kg. In that sense one can say that Ale’s Stones succeeded 3 kr blue Three Crowns even if that stamp still was in single use for domestic parcels 1 – 3 kg.
This stamp is regarded one of the best stamps issued  during the sixties, with its soft lines, grey shadows and  mild olive-green greyish colour. The artist was Gunnar Norrman and it was engraved by Heinz Gutschmidt.

1966, 18 April, 3.50 kr grey/olive-green Ale's Stones,. Qty: 24,500,000
Domestic parcel 3 - 5 kg.

Domestic parcel rates from July 1965 until December 1966:
- 1 kg 1 - 3 kg 3 - 5 kg 5 - 7 kg 7 - 10 kg 10 - 15 kg 15 - 20 kg
2.30 kr 3.00 kr [3.50 kr]  5.50 kr   8.00 kr   11.00 kr 14.00 kr

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