1968 - Dalsland’s Canal and Dancing Cranes

1967 was definitely the year of the new modern Swedish definitives, eight definitive stamps of a completely new kind were issued, they had new motifs, contemporary feel and were a paradigm shift. Swedish Post entered the future,   . . . well, became more contemporary is maybe a better description. The Dalsland's Canal and the Dancing Cranes were released in February 1968 and they can be regarded as the continuation of the effort to modernize Swedish stamps. Two definitive stamps issued as single stamps - not as series as before.

The 40 öre Dalsland's Canal shows the aqueduct at Håverud. Single use for this stamp was international postcard until March 1969. However it was the first 40 öre definitive stamp since the beginning of the twenties (40 öre Crown and Posthorn issued in November 1920), that did not have the king's portrait. It complemented the 40 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf, type III, at least for the time being. The artist was Sixten Lundbohm and the engraver was Czeslaw Slania.

The other stamp in the series is of the same design theme as 90 öre Moose head from 1967 show. There were no single use for the 1 kr Dancing Cranes, but it was easy to use. The artist was again Harald Wiberg and the engraver was Arne Wallhorn.

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