1967 - Iron Age, Öland about 500 A.D.

A new kind of slot-machine booklet

The Iron Age definitive stamps was unique in several ways. Before the slot-machine booklets consisted of only Gustaf VI Adolf and sometimes combined with the New Numeral Type. Some of them were multi-colured as well. The last one of the old kind of slot-machine booklets was issued in 1966 and it was the sixteenth since 1951.

The seventeenth slot-machine booklet issued by Swedish Post was completely new. The motifs were helmet-crests that were found on the island of Öland. The denominations were 10 öre, 15 öre, 30 öre, and 35 öre, they were grouped in pairs. The value of the booklet had to be 2 kr which meant that the 10 öre pair had to be used two times in order to sum up to that amount. The stamps were small too . . .

1967, 17 May, 10 öre blue Man holding bear. Qty: 8,800,000 - pair, 3-sided perf.
No single use
1967, 17 May, 15 öre brown Man fighting bears. Qty: 4,400,000 - pair, 3-sided perf.
No single use

1967, 17 May, 30 öre rose/brown Warrior disguised as a wolf. Qty: 4,400,000 - pair, 3-sided perf.
No single use

1967, 17 May, 35 öre brown/rose Helm crested warriors. Qty: 4,400,000 - pair, 3-sided perf.
International  - 20 g (pair)

There were hard to find a single use for most of the stamps of this booklet. 35 öre covered printed matter - that was the only single use.The most common cancelled pairs that you find now almost 50 years later are 10 öre blue + 30 öre rose or 15 öre brown + 30 öre rose.

The most common pairs from the Iron Age slot-machine booklet.
Domestic  - 20 g letter after 1 July 1967

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