1942 - Flying Swans

One of the longest lasting stamp

This definitive stamp has a denomination of a whopping 20 kr. 20 kr in 1942 would be about 390 kr today (almost 50 USD). The first issue in May 1942 came in panes (sheets) of 100 stamps or as a booklet, the 45th booklet issued by Swedish Post and the last hand made one made by the central administration. The booklet consisted of 20 stamps which value was 400 kr - 7,900 kr today, about 955 USD. The Flying Swans was a popular stamp and once won the contest of Sweden's most popular stamp motif.

1942, May 4. 20 kr blue Flying Swans. Qty: unknown. 3-sided perforation.

Later on it was released as booklets with 10 stamps,first in 1953 (the 103th booklet) and then in 1968 (the 212th booklet), the latter booklet was produced at least until 1979.Which means that the 20 kr blue Flying Swans was around in the beginning of the eighties, most likely as long as for forty years. That is quite an impressive record. Below a pair cancelled in October 1978.

1953, July 7. Pair  3-sided perforated, 20 kr blue Flying Swans. Qty: 4,200,000 (pair)

The initial purpose of the 20 kr blue Flying Swan was to be used for international parcels distributed by air mail. It could also be used for really heavy domestic parcels, 37 kg cost 20.40 kr in 1942. They were pretty rare of course. After 1947 the maximum weight was 20 kg. If heavier parcels domestic or international needed express delivery or were fragile the sum could sum up over 20 kr as well.

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