1961 - Gustaf VI Adolf, type III

Time for modernization

The Swedish Mail thought in spring 1961 that it was time to “upgrade” the Gustaf VI Adolf definitive series after 10 years. Once again the artist David Tägström made the drawing. The new portrait is slighlty different from type I and II. The back- ground was engraved tighter than type II, but with the same pattern, which made the stamps much more colourful. Another difference was that the numeral and the word “Sverige” now became white coloured.

Since it was not a change of postage rates that triggered the new type the same denominations were used and one was added. By some reason the 35 öre made a comeback. There were no direct single use of it except maybe for C.O.D.  The colours were inherited from the previous type and the 35 öre got the traditional violet colouring from previous older stamp series (Gustaf V right profile).

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