4 September 2015

One kilo - single stamp

60 öre during 23 years

This is a typical single use of the 60 öre red-carmine Three Crowns. It covered the rate for domestic parcels up to 1 kg from when the stamp was issued in February 1939 until April 1948. Actually the rate 60 öre lasted for an impressive long time, it was in effect already from July 1925. That is nearly 23 years. The rates for the other weight classes 1 - 3 kg, 3 - 5 kg, 5 - 6 kg, 6 - 7 kg e.t.c.  was also untouched until 1948. The 60 öre was the first of a long row of Three Crown stamps. All in all there were 34 stamps. The last one was issued in February 1969.

Domestic parcel card up to 1 kg fee: 60 öre
1939, February 10, 60 öre red-carmine Three Crowns. Qty: 77,900,000
The Swedish Post was so self confident that the rates would last for a long time that the rates were even printed on the front of the card, look below the stamp. There were in fact 45 possibilities to use the 60 öre Three Crown as a single stamp during its life time according ton the excellent website of the Swedish Postal History Society (SSPD). Check out the link!

This parcel was sent from a person called L. Fast to Mrs Amanda Borgström. Fast must have lived in the town of  Jönköping and Mrs. Borgström in the small village of Ulvhestra close to Dalstorp. The parcel was handed over to the Post Office Jönköping 1 at 10 Main Street West (Västra Storgatan 10) on Tuesday 8 July and reached Dalstorp the next day and finally on Thursday 10 July the parcel containing textiles was picked up by Mrs Borgström herself.

In order to see when the parcel arrived at its destination you have to look on the other side.

The back side of the parcel card.

Where are the places:
Jönköping is situated 285 km SW of Stockholm, the distance by road is 324 km.
Dalstorp is situated 43 km SW of Jönköping.

Postal rates fo rdomestic parcels effective July 1925 until April 1948 [öre]:
- 1 kg 1 - 3 kg 3 - 5 kg 5 - 6 kg 6 - 7 kg + per  kg
  [60]   90  120  180  240   60

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