20 April 2015

Wide hatbrims in a box

"Encombrant" means bulky

French was for long the international language of postal administrations and it might still be at some places. The Universal Post Unions website is even in English nowadays, but the second language offered on the website is French. After all French is the official language of the UPU. They say that English was added as a working language in 1994. Well, I think it just took over. Nevertheless the red vignette reads "Encombrant" on the domestic parcel card below and that is French. The Swedish Post used French in the 60s. The parcel card has three stamps, the 5 kr blue the Royal Palace, Stockholm II from 1941, 20 öre grey Gustav VI Adolf from 1961 and the 5 öre red New Numeral Type, type II from 1957. Three decades on one card.

Domestic Parcel Address Card 3 - 5 kg fee: 3.50 kr + fee for bulky parcel: 50% extra
1958, September 17. 5 kr blue Royal Palace, Stockholm II. Qty: 16,500,000 (2-sided perforation)
1961, March 20. 20 öre grey Gustav VI Adolf, type III. Qty: 224,000,000
1961, June 7. 5 öre red New Numeral Type, type II. Qty: 205,000,000

The parcel was handed over to the Post Office Malmö 4 at 31 A Greater New Street (Stora Nygatan 31 A) on Wednesday 23 November 1966. "Encombrant" or bulky meant an increase of the rate with 50 % and the rate paid was 5.25 kr which means it was a parcel weighing between 3 - 5 kg since 3.50 kr was the ordinary rate. That was pretty easy to figure out.

Some domestic parcel rates effective July 1965:
- 1 kg1 - 3 kg3 - 5 kg5 - 7 kg
2.30 kr3.00 kr[3.50 kr]5.50 kr

The bulky things were hats. The firm S. Bukenowski in Malmö sent a batch of hats to the incorporated company Modemagasinet, a fashion store in the town of Skellefteå. The parcel reached its destination Post Office Skellefteå 1 at 45 Canal Street (Kanalgatan 45) three days later.

Where are the places:
Malmö is situated 514 km south west of Stockholm.
Skellefteå is situated 622 km north east of Stockholm.
The distance by road is 1,380 km between the two places.

This is where the Post Office Skellefteå 1 used to be. (Google)
Note that the Swedish Post's old logo is still present - magnificent!

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