16 April 2015

Printed matter - still green

A 10 öre stamp that went far

International Printed matter was always the one of the lowest postal rates, in 1952 it was 10 öre. 1952 was also the last time when new correctly UPU-coloured  stamps in the Gustaf VI Adolf series were issued, the 25 öre red  and the 40 öre blue Gustaf VI Adolf type I. The reason was that the fee for international postcard (red colour) and international  letter  - 20 g (blue colour) was raised, the rate for international printed matter remained however at 10 öre. The 10 öre had to be green in order to indicate international printed matter to foreign postal administrations.

The letter cover below is from 1952 and is an international printed matter which has a 10 öre stamp - it is of the right colour, the green colour.

International printed matter fee: 10 öre.
1951, 6 June. 10 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf type I. Qty: 7,900,000

This printed matter bound for U.S was posted Friday 23 May 1952 and was handled by the Post Office Uppsala 1 at 3 Railroad Yard Street (Bangårdsgatan 3). The sender was the Department of Bio Chemistry at Uppsala University. The department has ceased to exist or been merged into some new department, but Ely Lilly Company is yet in business. It is an American global pharmaceutical company with headquarters still located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The only funny thing is that Uppsala is still spelled the old fashion way Upsala, one "p" only. That spelling was changed to Uppsala around 1905 or so.

Here is where the Post Office Uppsala 1 used to be in 1952. Google

In the beginning of the last century it was not uncommon that the Swedish Government co-located the main post office, the branch office of the Bank of Sweden and even the Swedish Telegraph Crown Agency in each county seat. (Uppsala is the county seat of Uppsala County.) In Uppsala the post office and the Bank of Sweden were in the same building and the Swedish Telegraph at the opposite corner. The post office was at the right part of the building.

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