11 April 2015

Bouncing parcel

A parcel returned to sender

This domestic parcel address card is from the end of the era that this blog is covering. By now the new stamp issuing policy from the sixties was in full effect. No more stamps from the previous definitive series issued over decades and with many stamps as the Three Crowns. The main purpose of the Three Crown series was to cover the three most common parcel rates. That was of course still possible if one used several stamps, but by 1973 the Three Crown series was beginning to be phased out. The new policy meant that definitive stamps came in shorter series, often as single stamps. The motifs were of a broader variety too, not only the king or typical Swedish symbols.

This parcel address card shows from the top: one stamp targeted for parcels, the 5 kr blue-green National Seal 1439 and another stamp aimed for domestic letter  - 100 g, the 1.40 kr red/light blue Lapponia and at the bottom a complementary denomination stamp the 40 öre dark brown Nature Designs (which actually were a series of three stamps). A beautiful trio of 70s stamps indeed.

Domestic Parcel  1 - 3 kg, fee: 6.80 kr
1970, March 9. 5 kr blue-green National Seal 1439. Qty: 65,100,000
1972, September 8. 1.40 kr red/light blue Lapponia. Qty: 43,800,000
1973, April 26. 40 öre dark brown Nature Designs. Qty:33,900,000

On Tuesday 12 June 1973 Mrs. Gustafsson living in Karlskoga sent a book parcel to Mrs. Karner in Uppsala. The parcel was handed over to the Post Office Karlskoga 5 at 29 Örebro Road (Örebrovägen 29). The parcel never reached Mrs. Karner - she had moved. Mrs. Gustafson had apparently an old address and she did not even now the postal code since a helpful postal clerk seemed to have that filled in.Well, the correct postal code did not help, Mrs. Karner's new address was unknown to the Swedish Post and the parcel was eventually returned to Karlskoga. A waste of 6 kr and 80 öre and some efforts for Mrs. Gustafsson. The stamp "Åter avsändaren" means Return to Sender.

Some domestic parcel rates effective January 1973:
- 1 kg 1 - 3 kg 3 - 5 kg 5 - 7 kg
5 kr [6.80 kr] 8.40 kr 11.00 kr

Where are the places:
Karlskoga is situated 200 km west of Stockholm.
Uppsala is situated 63 km north west of Stockholm.
The distance by road is 215 km between the two places.

This is where the Post Office Karlskoga 5 used to be. (Google)

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