10 May 2015

Seven kilos for seven Krona

Printed matters to Ödsmål

It must have been a pretty heavy parcel that Ms. Bäckström dragged to the Post Office Karlstad 2 on that Thursday, 15 Februari 1968. Seven kilos of some kind of printed matters. The Post Office was situated at 48 Våxnäs Street (Våxnäsgatan 48) and luckily it was not too far from her apartment.

Domestic Parcel weighing 5 - 7 kg required 7 kr and from spring 1967 there was a special dedicated definite stamps for that rate, the 7 kr blue/red Gripsholm Castle. That is a pretty well designed stamp, actually one of my favorites from the 60s. It was a two colour print.Which was still unusual in the 60s, by spring 1967 only the 20 öre Posthorn from 1965 and the 35 öre the Fjeld also from 1967 were printed using two colours. The technique was still new. The 20 öre Posthorn have had some problem with the colours floating which resulted in some varieties. In order to avoid that the colours are more separated in this stamp. That is why it looks like an aura around the castle, a nice effect.

Domestid parcel card fee: 7.00 kr.
1967, 11 April, 7 kr blue/red Gripsholm Castle. Qty: 6,300,000

The receiver of the parcel was Mr. Sundberg living in in Ödsmål. Ödmål is a village close to the Atlantic coast in the province of Bohuslän. The parcel arrived two days later. The funny thing is that the card is stamped three times, at arrival 17 February, a Saturday, a second time on the following Monday by some reason and finally on Wednesday 21 February when Mr. Sundberg picked up the parcel. Normally the card is stamped only twice, at arrival and at pick up.

Note that a postal code was not yet required, the postal codes were introduced in Sweden on 12 May 1968.

Some domestic parcel rates 1 January 1967 until 31 December 1969:
- 1 kg1 - 3 kg3 - 5 kg5 - 7 kg7 - 10 kg10 - 15 kg15 - 20 kg
2.80 kr 3.70 kr4.50 kr[7.00 kr] 10.50 kr [14.00 kr]   17.00 kr

Where are the places:
Karlstad is situated 259 km west of Stockholm.
Ödsmål is situated 384 south west of Stockholm
The distance by road is 215 km between the two places.

This is where the Post Office Karlstad 2 used to be. (Google)
It is a barber shop now.

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