5 May 2015

The big change

Old school vs. modern times

One significant changed when it came to Swedish stamp issuing policy occurred during spring 1967 with the release of a completely new kind of slot machine booklet. So far the classic lower denomination definite stamps were used for slot machine booklets, the Gustaf VI Adolf series of type I, type II, type III and the New Numeral Series. In 1966 the price for those booklets was raised from 1 kr to 2 kr and it became a little easier to fill up the booklet with useful denominations.

The first 2 kr slot machine booklet was was issued in April 1966 and it was the sixteenth since 1951. Its denomination was 5, 10, 15 öre as complementary stamps, 30 öre covered domestic postcards and 40 öre domestic letter  - 20 g.

Top: 1966, 18 April, 16th slot machine booklet. Qty: 1,270,000 [the old type of booklets]
Bottom: 1967, 17 May, 17th slot machine booklet. Qty: 3,770,000 [the new type of booklets - what a difference]

The stamps involved were:
1964, 25 June (pair). 5 öre red New Numeral Type, type II. Qty: 45,300,000. 3-sided perforation.
1964, 25 June (pair). 10 öre blue New Numeral Type, type II. Qty: 8,800,000. 3-sided perforation.
1965, 26 May (pair). 15 öre green New Numeral Type, type II. Qty: 20,800,000. 3-sided perforation.
1966, 18 April (pair). 30 öre red Gustaf VI Adolf, type III. Qty: 2,600,000. 3-sided perforation.
1964, 25 June (pair). 40 öre blue Gustaf VI Adolf, type III. Qty: 94,200,000. 3-sided perforation.

The 16th slot machine booklet was the last appearance of the New Numeral Series.

The next slot machine booklet released was the Iron Age, Öland about 500 A.D. The kind of motifs that were used were not completely new. Pre historical inspired motif had been used before for Swedish definitive stamps like the Rock Carving series from the 50s and the Ale Stones from 1966. But the difference was that these new stamps were not part of a definitive series consisting of many denominations and different varieties. It was a one time definitive series just for this booklet release. No coil versions. No more long series of definitive stamps issued for several years. The stamps were also of a smaller size than usually. From now on there would be no more slot machine booklets with stamps of the king. All later slot machine booklets were based on their own themes and motifs. It was also the goodbye and farewell to the New Numeral series which was replaced with this booklet, the Definitive Stamps of 1967 and the 20 öre Posthorn.

The denomination was 10 öre, and 15 öre  as complementary stamps, 30 öre still covered domestic postcards and 35 öre international postcards in May 1967. But not for long, from July 1967 35 öre was required for domestic postcard and domestic letter  - 20 g was raised to 45 öre. The Swedish post planned for the postage fee raises and the booklet was still useful since 10 öre blue plus 35 öre brown summed up to 45 öre and the 15 öre brown plus 30 öre rose also summed up to 45 öre. 35 öre was the new rate for domestic postcards. Wonderful, well, it was less wonderful for stamp collectors who wants pairs with the same denomination, for example 35 öre brown and 35 öre brown. Most cancelled pairs of this series is of course 10 öre + 25 öre or 15 öre + 30 öre.

The stamps of the all new 17th slot machine booklet were: (all were released on 1967, 17 May)
10 öre blue Man holding bear. Qty: 17,600,000
15 öre brown Man fighting bears. Qty: 8,800,000
30 öre rose/brown Warrior disguised as a wolf. Qty: 8,800,000
35 öre brown/rose Helm crested warriors. Qty: 8,800,000

The design was made by Czesław Slania and Arne Wallhorn, and they were engraved by Czesław Slania. The motifs was enlarged parts of helmet-crests that were found on the island of Öland.

Lets have a look at the covers as well:
Top: the cover of the 16th slot machine booklet
Bottom: the cover of the 17th slot machine booklet

The 16th slot machine booklet front cover has a pretty general design just listing the different denominations. The backside has an add that tries to convince you to invest in stamps, it is an add by one of the by the time leading Swedish stamp dealer Frimärkshuset. Frimärkshuset was the publisher of the Facit catalogue as well.

The 17th slot machine booklet front cover has instead a motif that connects with the motifs of the stamps. The back of the cover is an add for the airline SAS. SAS wants to take you to America in this add.

Even the cover was new on this all new type of slot machine booklet.

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