3 May 2015

Double fragile

Three stamps on two cards with same denominations 

A few posts ago we had a look at a domestic parcel card that was bulky - "coli encombrant", this time we will have a closer look at two "colis fragile". These two parcels were both sent in 1968 and they were both eventually picked up at the Post office Stockholm 1 at 28 - 34 Vasa Street (Vasagatan 28 - 34). Stockholm 1 was co-located with the head office of the Swedish Post, where the Swedish Post filled up two blocks. Among many functions the stamp print shop was located there at the back towards Klara North Church Street (Klara Norra kyrkogata).

Domestic adress parcel card  - 1 kg fee: 2.80 kr + fee for fragile 50%
1967, 15 February, 3.70 kr violet The Lion Fortress. Qty: 16,000,000
1967, 16 June, 45 öre ultramarine  Gustaf VI Adolf, type III. Qty: 364,000,000
Top: 1961, June 7. 5 öre red New Numeral Type, type II. Qty: 205,000,000
Below: 1967, 16 October, 5 öre red/black Horseman. Qty: 86.500.000

A fragile parcel required an additional 50% fee. Domestic parcel  - 1 kg yielded 2.80 kr and 50 % of that fee was 1.40 kr which resulted in a total of 4.20 kr.

Some domestic parcel rates effective January 1967:
  - 1 kg 1 - 3 kg 3 - 5 kg 5 - 7 kg 7 - 10 kg

[2.80 kr] 3.70 kr 4.50 kr 7.00 kr 10.50 kr

The parcel at the top was sent by Mr. Sven Grundström and contained chemical products. Hmmmm . . . fragile chemical products, sounds a little bit dangerous. Well, apparently the parcel did not combust or explode. It was submitted at the Post Office Stora Skedvi on Saturday 7 December 1968. Stora Skedvi is in the province of Dalarna, Säter municipality. After two days it reached Stockholm and was picked up by Mr. Lars Sundén representing the company AB R. Barlach. The firm is still in the phone book but located in the city of Linköping south west of Stockholm.

The bottom parcel was sent by Swedish Radio (Sveriges Radio) the Swedish public service radio company from its Malmö office to the head office in Stockholm and the parcel contained records. The records were handed over to the Post Office Malmö 4 at 31 A Greater New Street (Stora Nygatan 31 A). Since the parcel was labeled fragile maybe the records were of the old fragile type? On Wednesday 10 July 1968 the parcel left Malmö bound for Stockholm. After two days the records were back in the record storage of the head office.

Where are the places:
Stora Skedvi is situated 174 km north west of Stockholm.
Malmö is situated 514 km south west of Stockholm.

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