26 February 2015

Express letter from 1952

Göterstad in a hurry

 According to the back of the cover a person with the family name Göterstad sent an express letter to Mrs. Anna Wassberg in Stockholm in May 1952. The letter was handed over to the Post Office Falun 2 at Kyrkbacksvägen 23 ( 23 Church Hill Streeet) in the town Falun 196 km north west of Stockholm and delivered to Mrs. Wassberg living at Västmannagatan 24 (24 Västmanna Street) in Stockholm. The letter was mailed on Saturday 24 May and arrived at the Post Office Stockholm 1 the next day, also according to the back of the cover. Stockholm 1 was co-located with the head quarters of the Swedish Post at Vasagatan (Vasa Street), where the Swedish Post filled up two blocks. Falun is the capital (county seat) of Kopparberg County in the part of Sweden that is called Dalarna.

Domestic  - 20 g fee: 25 öre + express delivery fee: 65 öre
5 öre red New Numeral Type, type I. Issued 29 November 1951.
10 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf, type I. Issued 6 June 1951.
20 öre red Gustaf VI Adolf, type I. Issued 6 June 1951.

The domestic  - 20 letter fee was in 1952 25 öre and the express fee was 40 öre. The total sum was then 65 öre. To accomplish that five stamps were used. The stamps were applied from the right to the left. The two right most stamps, the 20 öre red Gustaf VI Adolf and the 5 öre New Numeral Type were used as the fee for the domestic letter rate and then a two strip of 10 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf followed by one 20 öre red Gustaf VI Adolf were used for the express fee. In May 1952 these stamps were the latest definitive stamps.

However they did not last for long, the first one to be discontinued was the 20 öre red, already in July the same year it was replaced by the 20 öre grey. The 10 öre green was replaced by the 10 öre brown in 1954. The 5 öre New Numeral Type, type I, was around for the longest time and replaced by the 5 öre red New Numeral Type, type II, in 1957. Read more about Gustaf V Adolf, type I - here, and about the the New Numeral Type - here.

Below is a picture of were the Post Office Falun 2 used to be. Well, Falun 2 seemed to have been a pretty small Post Office to me. I wonder when it closed down and how many that worked there. Did the Postmaster live in the attached house?

Where the Post Office Falun 2 used to be (Google)

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