21 February 2015

Domestic C.O.D. parcel address card from 1960

Mrs. Swedmar bought a sweater for Christmas

This parcel containing a sweater was sent from the Post Office Stockholm 3 at Sveavägen 31 (31 Svea Road) to Mrs. Swedmar living at Ejdergatan 31 (31 Eider Street) in nearby Saltsjö-Duvnäs, a suburb south east of Stockholm city centre. The parcel was handover to the postal services the last day of November 1960 and it arrived the next day at the Post Office in Saltsjö-Duvnäs, two days later which was a Saturday Mrs. Swedmar came by and picked it up.

Parcel Address Card C.O.D. Parcel  - 1 kg fee: 1.40 kr + C.O.D. fee: 40 öre
90 öre blue Rock Carvings, issued 8 November 1954. Qty: 43,900,000

The postage rate consist of 1.40 kr for a parcel  - 1 kg and the C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery)  fee 40 öre when the amount is paid directly to the Postgiro, an account at the Swedish Post. The Postgiro was  the Swedish Post's money transaction system, you can read more about Giro transfers here. Two 90 öre blue Rock Carvings covered the totaling postage rate of 1.80 kr. The 90 öre blue was one of the five original stamps of the Rock Carvings issued in 1954. The easiest way of finding that out is that the names of the artist and the engraver is missing at the bottom of the stamp. Read more about the Rock Carving series - here.

We do not know who sent the parcel since that part is missing. Maybe a fancy fashion shop on Sveavägen? Below is a street view from Google showing the building were the Post Office Stockholm 3 used to be. There are no Post Offices left in Sweden for the public anymore. All postal services can be found in corner stores, gas stations and other kind of convenience stores.

Where the Post Office Stockholm 3 used to be. (Google)

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