30 October 2015

Plain and simple in '70 or is it '71?

Here is a plain address card. It was for a domestic parcel  - 1 kg, the most common weight for parcels. It was sent from a cloth making company in Gothenburg to nearby Kungälv on Friday 6 November 1970 and it was picked up by the customer Mrs. Gerd Åkerberg the following Monday. The parcels contained clothes of course. The postal rate for the parcel was in November 1970 3 kr 50 öre, and had been so since 1 January 1969.

Domestic parcel card  - 1 kg, fee: 3.50 kr
1968, 21 February. 50 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf type III. Qty: 65,200,000.
1970, 6 April. 3 kr green-blue Seal of Duke Erik Magnusson 1306. Qty: 95,500,000.

But have a closer look at the stamps, the cancellation stamp has the date "6.11.71", but it was sent 6 November 1970 not 1971! A year ahead I would say. The postal clerk at the Post Office Göteborg 2 made an embarrassing error and used the wrong year. Even a simple postal item might be interesting when you have a closer look.

Wrong year! The parcel was sent in the year of 1970.

Well, I did not notice that at first. The thing I noticed was that the fee was not correct for November 1971, by then the postal fee for the parcel would have been 4.60 kr since 1 October 1971. Not a mere 3.50 kr.

The 50 öre green Gustaf VI Adolf type III was the second 50 öre stamp in the series. The first one, the olive green came in July 1962 and then it covered international letter  - 20 g. When the rate was raised to 60 öre in July 1964 it was phased out. The 50 öre green on the picture was in addition printed on fluorescent paper so it could be sorted automatically by special sorting machines.

The 3 kr green-blue Seal of Duke Erik Magnusson 1306 from April 1970 was also printed on fluorescent paper until 1976. This was a typical definitive stamp in the beginning of the 70s. It is related to the 5 kr blue-green National Seal 1439 and the (less common) 2.55 kr light blue Seal of King Magnus Ladulås 1285 that were emitted the same spring. Even though the motifs were seals they are not regarded as a series, just single definitive stamps.

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