21 June 2015

International letter for Christmas

1972 Christmas stamp

This letter has a yellow label where the sender informs that the letter has a philatelic franking and advises that the cancellation stamping should be done with a light hand. The philatelic arrangement of the stamps was not that well done and the cancellation stamp was done by a machine, not by hand. Well, sometimes the Swedish Post did not care about philatelists' demands.

This was an international letter  - 20 g and the fee was 1 kr. A 15 öre blue Mailplanes and a 75 öre multi-coloured 1972 Christmas stamp did not quite add up to the fee. The Mailplane stamp was taken from the 21st slot machine booklet issued in September 1972. The motif is the mighty Junkers Ju-52 with pontons. The plane was called Södermanland and own by ABA, the predecessor to  SAS. The 75 öre Christmas stamp had been issued just two weeks before the letter was sent. The motif is a S:t Lucia procession and was from a drawing competition for children. A 15 öre stamp had no single use in 1972, but the 75 öre was the postal rate for domestic letter   - 20 g.

1972, 8 September. 15 öre blue Mailplanes. Qty: 4,600,000 (21st slot machine booklet)
1972, 6 November. 75 öre multi-coloured Christmas stamp. Qty: 18,200,000

On Tuesday 21st November 1972 Mr. Alf Lilja in Luleå decided to cheer up his stamp collecting friend Mr. Stefan Münch in East Germany. The letter was handled by normal procedures by the Post Office Luleå 1 and no consideration was taken to Mr. Liljas request for a nice cancellation of the stamps. Maybe because only 90 öre was paid? The letter went to the small city of Meerane in Saxony. Hopefully Mr. Münch appreciated the letter anyway.

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